Thursday, July 25, 2019

Air Freshners

The humans just delivered a box of these smelly little circle things that keep calling Air Freshners. Personally, I think it smalls a lot like a pine tree... but I don't completely understand humans.

Matt says that they come in lots of different smells.
Some smell like bubble gum, others smell like flowers, lemons, coffee, even chocolate (which I am not allowed to eat, but it smells delicious).

Apparently it was good fun for Matt to work on these, because they come full color printed on both sides, so he got to do a lot of custom art for them.

Hopefully the other humans who get these little gifts will like the way they make their cars and trucks smell. (That is what I am told they are for).

It seemed like everything went smoothly with the company that makes the air fresheners and they got to our house really quickly for Matt to deliver them.
He even said that they were a pretty good deal on the prices for something that people will keep in the car for months.

Look for more exciting updates on different products coming up... and probably a little more history about my humans, and their company.


Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone in the world!

My name is Nala, and I am being pressured in to starting a blog to help out my humans, who apparently have too much to do, and think I should help out....


Anyways, my humans are Jen and Matt, and really are very nice people even though they don't seem to understand my food schedule. I try to remind them every morning at 4:00 that it is time to feed me. Usually I am thanked with expressions like "GO BACK TO SLEEP" and "NO IT'S NOT FOOD TIME", and once they even threw a small pillow at me.

But I suppose they were nice enough to rescue me about three years ago from the "Kitty Big House" as they like to refer to the Humane Society.
Things have been going pretty well despite their apparent inability to tell time.

They own a small company called Accurate Promotions where they provide screen printing and embroidery services as well as promotional products.

As the male human (Matt for easy reference) likes to say, "They can put your name on just about anything!" and I can agree to that.
The number of different things they have printed for customers in just the three years I have been around is pretty amazing.

I will share some of my favorites in the future, and tell you a little more about me, the company, and probably just general things that I find interesting.

Thank you for stopping by and reading... I hope to share more in the future... but now it is time for a nap... I have been up since 4am with only two short naps since.

See you here again soon!


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