Thursday, July 25, 2019

Air Freshners

The humans just delivered a box of these smelly little circle things that keep calling Air Freshners. Personally, I think it smalls a lot like a pine tree... but I don't completely understand humans.

Matt says that they come in lots of different smells.
Some smell like bubble gum, others smell like flowers, lemons, coffee, even chocolate (which I am not allowed to eat, but it smells delicious).

Apparently it was good fun for Matt to work on these, because they come full color printed on both sides, so he got to do a lot of custom art for them.

Hopefully the other humans who get these little gifts will like the way they make their cars and trucks smell. (That is what I am told they are for).

It seemed like everything went smoothly with the company that makes the air fresheners and they got to our house really quickly for Matt to deliver them.
He even said that they were a pretty good deal on the prices for something that people will keep in the car for months.

Look for more exciting updates on different products coming up... and probably a little more history about my humans, and their company.


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